Stressed by Wedding Planning

I thought it would be fun. I thought I could save some money. So, I decided to plan my own wedding…said many brides who thought they are organized or have a solid friend and family base to help.

Look, at some point or another we all need help and it’s okay to ask for help. You just need some perspective and it’s okay to reach out. The problem you are having is who to reach out to. At this point, I honestly advice that you reach out to an expert (wedding planner). Who you reach out to will depend on how far down the process are you?

Most brides I meet have pretty much decided on the venue, booked the venue and then never really did any real work on their wedding. The time passes and before they know it, it’s 3 months before the wedding and panic has set in.

Some brides I meet have pretty much decided venue, video and photography and décor. Problem is they keep changing their mind on what they have decided and are now just unsure of themselves and are kind of scared to piss of the suppliers. Then panic sets in because they feel like they can’t make heads of tails of the look and feel of the day.

It doesn’t matter on which end of the spectrum you are, you know you need help and you should find someone to help you out. In this article I really cannot help you except by saying, find someone you can consult with for an hour or 2 to help you out. Bring all your questions or documents to the consultation – this is typically for one important aspect that is burning you. 

Remember: They are a professional and it’s not fair to assume they will help with everything – hence I say one topic. If you want help across the board then you should book them. Also remember, they may recommend suppliers, but they don’t have to because this is also their little black book that is available to their paying clients.

From my perspective: I will help you as much as I possibly can. I will also tell you when I don’t know because I’m no oracle, but I will find out for you, especially if I don’t know the one thing you came to see me about. I’m friends with my suppliers and will mention the good ones to you because we all share business and recommend each other. Just because I don’t sell you on me doesn’t mean my friends in the industry shouldn’t get to work with you.

Once you have had the consultation, with me or another professional, you can then continue as you were or book that wedding planner to help you finish off the process.

Remember: You don’t have to stay stressed. Your friends and family are not evil for not wanting to run point on planning…I’m sure they will happily come with you for appointments. Also remember, we don’t really have a lot of weddings happening so when one does come along, everyone wants to enjoy it and not be stressed. Even your little cousins want to enjoy and not be stuck waitressing and tending to your guests.